About Us

At Prohealth Pharmacy, we are always in steady pursuit of preserving the health of our patients and customers. Because we value our relationship with them, we ensure that our response to their growing healthcare demands will fast, honest, and efficient.

Our team of pharmacists are licensed and reputably recommended by both healthcare professionals and clients. Their individual efforts have been a great help in maintaining a healthy community despite patient adversities.

All the necessary specific demands and necessities of our patients are best addressed and given prompt and accurate response through:

  • Preparing and dispensing any medical supplies such as medications and any other equipment
  • Giving advice to patients in using a particular medicine to ensure their safety and bring utmost efficacy in treating common ailments or any long term medical condition
  • Giving advice to the public and the rest of the medical team with the safe use of any medicine and drugs as to its selection, dosage, potential side effects and adverse reaction
  • Advising, selecting, supplying and ensuring that all necessary medical supplies are met, safe, reliable and effective

Privacy Policy
Rest assured that all information we receive through the online forms on our website are strictly kept confidential. We do not allow third parties to access your private health information. Prohealth Pharmacy acknowledges that it is of prime importance to maintain the privacy of your personal information. If you have concerns about our privacy policy, please call our office and speak to our staff.